Meet our Co-Founders

Rob Day, Co-Founder



Rob Day brings 35 years of coaching and business experience. He has coached at every NCAA level (Men’s and Women’s D1, D3 and Men’s D2) and has worked with several NCAA tournament teams. His goalies have won 7 NCAA titles in the last 7 years and positional players he coached in juniors have won 3 of the last 4 Stanley Cups. He has coached Junior Hockey for 20 seasons winning 3 National and 7 league titles. He works with many Private Schools in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. He has had 20 of his goalies commit to Division one colleges over the last 5 years. He works extensively with USA Hockey and is one of an select group of goalies coaches across the country developing the goalie curriculum for the young goalies of today. He not only works with goalies but with positional players on their mental games as well. He is very versed in the needs both physically and mentally of today’s top athletes. Rob is the mental skills facilitator for Sports Science Solutions. He will guide teams and clients to new heights in their games using the latest mental skills techniques. He works alongside some of the top minds in the world regarding mental performance, so fresh new content is always available. He will also help athletes with their nutritional needs and planning.

Rob is a degreed Engineer with a Masters Degree in Business. He has worked for some of America’s top companies so he can inject life skills into the programs at Sports Science Solutions so that the athletes are prepared for life once their careers end. He is a co-founder of Sports Science Solutions and Casey Cox was one of his former students. Rob is excited to reunite with one of the brightest young minds in sports.

Casey Cox, Co-Founder



Casey Cox has 10+ years of coaching experience in both hockey and golf. Casey is a licensed PGA professional and has recently transitioned away from full time teaching to pursue the scientific side of hockey and more sports beyond that. Casey is currently studying for his masters in Kinesiology and Biomechanics.

Casey found the world of biomechanics through his work with golfers in Florida. The technology that Casey was introduced to through his work with elite level and professional golfers sparked the curiosity that eventually led to the biomechanical analysis in hockey. 

Casey’s background athletically began with hockey. He played as a goalie for 20+ years and ended his career at The University of Southern Maine in 2009. Since then, his focus has shifted into the world of biomechanics and physics. The quest to learn what it takes to become the best coach possible starts with the ability to gather the best data possible. After a proper diagnosis, the process of coaching is made much more efficient due to the newfound understanding of exactly how an athlete’s body interacts with itself. This process of building efficiency into athletic motion is the quest on which Casey wants to take every athlete possible.

Casey was a former student of Rob Day's for 16 years. He is excited to have the privilege of learning and working beside Rob once again.

Jeff Eckhouse

Director of Movement Restoration


  Jeffrey Eckhouse, CSCS, PRT, LMT, CES, CAFS


Jeff began training professionally in 2004 and works as a highly specialized Fitness Rehab coach. His unique abilities to assess movement compensation and design highly effective programs will benefit any athlete looking to become more resilient, reduce the impact of chronic injury, maximize recovery, and improve performance. 

Located in Portland, Maine, Jeff established the Back Cove Personal Fitness training facility in 2008.  He and his highly regarded team work to meet the fitness needs of individuals who have been unable to find results to chronic physical ailments with traditional approaches. Jeff's method of training has been developed and refined over the years, and provides a new perspective for athletes seeking an edge. 

Utilizing an inter-disciplinary approach which considers the natural asymmetry of the body and the relationships between the various systems, Jeff helps athletes understand their structural architecture and compensatory strategies. Through passive and active assessments, an athlete is evaluated for systemic bias and torque that may impair both global and local movement quality.Exercise programs are then designed and adjusted with manual re-assessment, feedback on subjective performance, and graphic analysis with 3D data capture utilizing Sport Science Solutions proprietary technology.