The 4 Pillar Approach

Biomechanical Analysis


Powered by proprietary K-Motion technology, we have a one-of-a-kind program that analyzes the biomechanics of athletes and reports data that allows us to predict and prevent injury as well as maximize athletic performance.


We study how the body interacts with itself so we understand the cause and effect of athletic performance. We can produce data never seen or studied before and we use that biomechanical data to train efficiency, prevent and predict injury as well as maximize performance potential.

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Mental Training


Rob Day, co-founder of Sports Science Solutions, has designed an elite level mental training program.


Rob has developed a neurological test that categorizes the areas of mental development through confidence building, personal belief modification and mental awareness. 

Our results have shown that regardless of the sport or task, our mental performance training can help professionals and amateurs at all levels achieve their goals. 

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Muscle Health Analysis


We utilize a state-of-the-art body scanner that analyzes muscle health and utilization to give us a detailed report on an athlete's current state of body. This baseline allows us to properly proceed with balancing and building athletic movement.

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Nutritional Analysis


 Fueling the body is one of the most important components of any athletes preparation and routine. We provide a customized diet based on proper caloric intake and life management.

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Our posture restoration specialists analyze our biomechanical captures to customize movement pattern building and muscle engagement to help athletes connect the dots between our analysis and the athlete's performance goals. 

Movement Restoration

What we do...

"We can help athletes improve the quality of their triplanar movement so the athlete has less substitution and compensation..."

What it means...

"...That translates into an athlete that is more durable and has less load, torque and compression on certain structures of the body. They are better able to recover from chronic injuries and are also able to rest and recover with greater ease."

~Jeff Eckhouse, Director of Movement Restoration

Sports Science Solutions

4-Pillar Assessment


We believe that the next level of sports performance lies in the synergy of multiple next level technological and scientific developments. We are humbled by the opportunity to work with some of the top technology companies in the world to help bring sports science to the next generation of athletes.

The four pillar approach uses aspects of biomechanical analysis, mental training, nutritional analysis and neuromuscular training to optimize athletic performance.

Each pillar would be beneficial on their own, but the combination of all four provides a deeper athletic analysis and application. We can assess athletes at higher levels and prescribe the solutions necessary to balance and optimize each individual athlete. We are inspired to help create healthier athletes that transcend the next generation of sports.