Case Study of Injured NCAA Hockey Goalie

Our Mission

How We Assess Athletes

This is a quick description of how we assess an athlete using our 4-pillar approach.

How Sports Science Solutions Started

A quick video on how it all came to be.

D1 Hockey Case Study

One of our best case studies showing the value of 3D motion capture.

Teen Testing Matters!!!

This case study shows a 14 year old goalie suffering from knee and lower back pain. 3D capture showed the cause of her ailments. It was incredible to watch her find better posture and help alleviate her pain moving forward. 

Injury Prediction via Biomechanics

This video gives a brief look at the type of data our 3D motion capture system provides us in relation to injury prediction. This technology transforms the type of data that we can study on athletes and is going to change the way we analyze and train athletes moving forward.

Hockey Efficiency

 This is a quick look at some basic biomechanical analysis we did on a hockey player's stride efficiency. We use this type of data for future injury prediction and a starting point to build an athlete's efficiency and performance.