Athletic Performance Maximization and Injury Prevention

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Are you an athlete looking to maximize your performance and stay healthy?

Sports Science Solutions has developed propriety intellectual processes based on thousands of hours of development time. The results are the 4-Pillar Assessment that can prevent injury and maximize performance with any athlete. This is the most important information you cannot get anywhere else!

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4-Pillar Assessment

The four pillar assessment has established itself as the most advanced athletic overview for hockey players in the world. We utilize cutting edge and proprietary biomechanical analysis, mental training, nutritional analysis and neuromuscular training to optimize athletic performance.

Each pillar would be beneficial on their own, but the combination of all four provides a deeper athletic analysis and application. We can assess athletes at higher levels and prescribe the solutions necessary to balance and optimize each individual athlete.

 Recent Accomplishments:

- Captured and Diagnosed Hundreds of Hockey Players and Goalies

- Successfully Predicted 9/9 Injuries for Junior Team within First Month of Season

- Predicted and Prevented Injuries from Professional to Youth Players and Goalies

Our Coaches Have:

-- Coached Players from 4 of Last 5 Stanley Cup Winners

--Coached Players from 8 NCAA Championship Teams in Last 8 Years

-- Sent More than 300 Players to Colleges

-- Sent More than 100 Players and Goalies to the Professional Ranks

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Sports Science Solutions is proud and fortunate to work with some of the top players, goalies, and organizations across the country. We work with individuals as well as entire organizations to provide solutions for athletes to stay healthy and perform at their best.

“The 4-Pillar Approach is incredible! The benefits Sports Science Solutions provides athletes is unparalleled.”

~AJ Bucchino, GM & Head Coach – Minnesota Magicians

“It gave me a lot of confidence knowing how to get my body back in the shape it needed to be in to play my best. Being aware of my body and the things I could contribute to help my body recover and feel better played a huge role in the success our team had this year in returning to the NCAA tournament.”

~Evan Morelli, Graduated Starting Goalie – Plymouth State University

D1 Hockey Case Study

This is an amazing case study exemplifying the capabilities of our assessment process.

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